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ELEPHANT is a multidisciplinary project that includes a feature film, collage, a short play, an album including plant music, and a book of essays, poems, short stories, plays, and recipes,

ELEPHANT is a holistic multidisciplinary project about self-care and healing. With participation from the beloved community, the project incorporates writing, photography, music, design, technology, and performance art.

Elephant Poem
Elephant Poem.jpeg
timothy lee charles.jpeg

Short Documentary Film (In preproduction)
A nap, a simple comfort, a dream of future opportunities – the elephant looming over the everyday life of Timothy Charles Lee. A tired 23-year-old gay, Black fashion design student fell asleep returning home from a job interview on the BAY AREA RAPID TRANSIT (BART) train. He missed his stop and woke up at Concord BART station. He called friends and family to pick him up. It was late, the train was no longer running, and he was stranded far away from home. He was found the next morning, hanged near the Concord BART station on Saturday, November 2, 1985, under an old fig tree.

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