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Maria Judice: Running the Show From the Bay Area


Script contributor Thuc Nguyen speaks one-on-one with filmmaker Maria Judice about her filmmaking journey, current projects, her open-source Black Film list she created, teaching and so much more! @ScriptMag

60th Ann Arbor Film Festival: "Elephant" is a highly personal meditation on racism, violence, and trauma

by christopherporter Thu, 03/17/2022 - 1:00pm

The opening scene of Elephant shows a young Black woman at the inner entrance of her apartment, wiping away tears. Remnants of blood are visible on her body and the door. The movie is shot almost entirely inside this small apartment, where the protagonist, played by director Maria Judice, confines herself after experiencing something intense and distressing. @aadl


Screen Shot 2022-03-29 at 3.14.00 PM.png

A mental breakdown breaks through stigmas in Maria Judice’s feature debut, “Elephant”

March 25, 2022 By Rebecca Martin


We had the opportunity to speak with activist and filmmaker Maria Judice about her directorial feature debut “Elephant,” which will have its in-person premiere at the Ann Arbor Film Festival on Sunday, 3/27 at 3:15 PM ET. You can watch it at the fest virtually now. Buy tickets here.


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