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FILM: Welcome

Birth, life, and death― each took place on the hidden side of a leaf.

– Toni Morrison

Feature Film (2022)

Ann Arbor Film Festival (World Premiere)

A woman witnesses a murder of a young boy by a police officer and suffers from a prolonged mental breakdown that renders her incapable of leaving her apartment.

This feature film is made in collaboration and participation of the beloved community of San Francisco and the Greater Bay Area.

By M


Anka Karewicz | Cinematographer

Leah Nichols | Title Design & Animation

Dewayne Austin | Rotoscope

Marisa Ewing | Post Sound Design/Sound Mixer

Zach Baum | Drone Camera

Paola Magrans & Helena Rodriguez | Wonder Yuca Studios | Color Grade

Sebastian Galasso | Lenape Creative Group | Impact Producer

Martha Kunda | Production Assistant

Hannaeh Belser | Production Assistant

Amanda Vigil | Producer

Sloan Abihaidar | Producer

Ann Hess | Executive Producer
Chris Mayo | Executive Producer

Erik Mayo | Executive Producer

Jordan McCollum | Executive Producer

Maria Judice | Writer/Director

FILM: Text


Jeffrey Moore 
D'Arion Curry-Matthews
Amanda Vigil
Reyce Judice 
Maria Judice
Shirah Dedman

Todd Perumal
Cheri Mims
Omeed Manocheri
Tongo Eisen-Martin
Bertha Argumedo
Tonya Amos
Julian Prince Dash
Del Seymour 
Robin McCollum 
Natalia Vigil
Shaula Evans 
Brenda Davis
Jeff Harry 
Jet Noire

Soundscapes/Music featuring:

Shamilah Ivory  
Drea the Vibe Healer
Marisa Ewing
Tongo Eisen-Martin 
Khonsu Ra

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